2020 OISTAT Headquarters Internship Program

Apr 17, 2020

Love performing arts?
Enjoy cultural exchange?
Desire to work across borders?
Curious about what global organizations do?
We hear you!
This is the ONLY internship opportunity providing hands-on learning experience in a headquarter of a global arts organization in Taiwan.

What is OISTAT
OISTAT — the International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians is a worldwide organization for scenographers, theatre architects, theatre educators and theatre technicians. It is a co-operative, non-governmental organization with OISTAT Centres, associations and individual members in about 50 countries. 

OISTAT was officially established in Prague in 1968, to promote the worldwide exchange of ideas and innovations, encourage lifelong learning among live performance practitioners, and dedicate itself to foster international collaborations. OISTAT respects the diversity of all cultures and celebrates the similarities and the diversity of those who work in support of live performances. OISTAT officially moved its headquarters to Taipei in 2006, which is the first non-governmental arts organization to base its headquarters in Taiwan.

What to expect in this Internship 


Internship Compensation 
This is an unpaid internship.
You will receive a certificate of completion from OISTAT at the end of the term.

Internship Duration 
From July 20th to September 18th, 2020. 
Two to three days a week recommended; further details to be discussed in person.
The more time you are willing to invest, the more you will gain from it.

Internship requirement
College or postgraduate students who are interested in the following fields: arts administration, global organization operation, art and cultural studies.

Number of openings  
1-2 person(s)

Internship location
OISTAT Headquarters 
Suite L, Center for Innovation Taipei (CIT), 
No.1, Yumen St., 
Taipei 10452, Taiwan

Application process and dates
Click here for application form
Please complete the form and email to weiping@oistat.org before May 6th, 2020.
You will receive a confirmation email from OISTAT HQ, and to further schedule an interview.

Interview and Acceptance Notification 
Interviews are hold during the week of May 11th - May 15th ,2020, for us to further understand the intentions and expectations from the applicants.
The acceptance notification will be given on Wednesday, May 20th.

Wei-Ping Chen
OISTAT Project Analyst