OISTAT was founded in Prague in 1968. It stands for “Organisation Internationale des Scénographes, Techniciens et Architectes de Théâtre” in French, and “International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians” in English. OISTAT is a global network for theatre practitioners celebrating design, technology and architecture in live performances.


Current Statutes of OISTAT were ratified at the OISTAT Congress June 2019.

OISTAT Statutes include the most updated organizational missions, articles of aims and objectives. Organizational structure and different membership requirements are also stated. The responsibilities of different entities in the organization, for example, Congress, Executive Committee, Governing Board, Headquarters, and Commissions, are explained. The rules for elections within the organization are also written in the Appendix of the Statutes. It is also stated that the organization's finance is monitored by the Executive Committee, and a Treasurer will overlook the status regularly.

If the Statutes are to be ratified, they have to be approved by two-third of the OISTAT Congress.

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Ratified at the OISTAT Congress June 2019, Prague, Czech Republic.

OISTAT Adjudication Policy
On November 14, 2017, OISTAT launched the o!cial policy that regarding all adjudication of OISTAT sponsored awards, projects, and events.

OISTAT Inclusion Policy
On May 4, 2018, OISTAT launched the OISTAT Inclusion Policy to support the mission that all members are treated equally and without prejudice.